Blenheim Estate have been working with VeloCity team on a shared vision which challenges the way in which the planning and development of rural areas has been approached historically, to the benefit of both local communities and the environment. The vision will unlock the potential of the Blenheim Estate land strategy and help ensure a more sustainable future for rural Oxfordshire. 

As a landed Estate, a holder of local property and a large employer Blenheim Estate recognise their responsibility to those who live and work in and around Blenheim today but also to future generations. In their response to the climate emergency Blenheim Estate made it clear they feel there is a need to do things differently in order to achieve the shifts necessary to protect the environment and secure people’s health and well-being. 

Oxfordshire Open Thought has now commenced a consultation period canvassing feedback on the emerging vision. You can find more on Blenheim website and the Oxfordshire Open Thought website.