VeloCity’s innovative approach to reinvigorating villages is showcased in the Oxfordshire Open Thought alongside organisations such as the Campaign to Protect Rural England Oxfordshire and Sport England. You can view the full VeloCity submission here and leave your comments here.

The county’s residents, businesses and organisations were asked to give their views on how we might tackle some of the challenges facing us in the future. Bold ideas on how we should live, work, travel and tackle climate change are being put in the spotlight. Hundreds of submissions were received via the online engagement tool, covering topics ranging from how to reconnect children with nature to preventing isolation in rural communities to encouraging wellbeing in our villages, towns and cities.

Councillor Emily Smith, Chair of the Oxfordshire Growth Board, said: “This is another great opportunity to help shape the future of Oxfordshire. The Open Thought website is a resource where you can read the ideas, leave comments, respond to other people’s comments and upvote them if you agree with them. I’d encourage everyone to use Open Thought site to let the Growth Board and the councils working on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 know what you think our future should look like and how we can tackle the big challenges facing us.”