Sarah Featherstone has written a contribution to the RIBA RETHINK Design Guide about how VeloCity addresses the challenges of a post-pandemic world in the countryside. It builds on VeloCity’s research and pilot strategy for reinvigorating villages, tapping into issues that have become even more pertinent during the pandemic such as social isolation, mobility and climate emergency.

The innovative design guide draws together expert guidance on designing in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic for key architectural sectors: housing, workplace, civic and cultural, hospitality, education, infrastructure and civic placemaking. It provides design inspiration to architects on how they can respond to the challenges and opportunities of a post-pandemic environment and how architects ensure they are at the forefront of the best design in this new world. Looking at each sector in turn, it covers the challenges specific to each, and how delivering these designs might differ from the pre-pandemic world.

You can find out more and purchase the guide via the RIBA website here.