Petra Marko of VeloCity team is leading this year’s think tank at The London School of Architecture exploring the physical, social, political, cultural and economic dimensions of cycling. The pandemic has challenged many notions of co-habitation in cities and opened up opportunities to think differently about planning for the future. This summer the UK government announced a £2bn package to realise a travel revolution in England’s streets and many other initiatives are springing up that consider the relationship between people and the environment. Central to our approach will be to look at cycling and walking infrastructure as a ‘place’ – the journey as enjoyable part of people’s day-to-day lives.

Members of the GLA Good Growth team will act as a sounding board for the think tank and help us refine the brief and ground our research and spatial propositions. The think tank is jointly led by Petra Marko (VeloCity) and Steven Smith (Urban Narrative).

Photo: A group of early female cyclists in 1899 – cycling as part of the freedom and emancipation movement for women. Photograph: Public (via The Guardian)