VeloCity_Street viewWe are thrilled that VeloCity project received Honorary Award at the Designing Healthy, 10-Minute Neighbourhoods competition, which is part of International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) Conference in Ottawa, Canada. The competition call was for projects that emphasise community, health, sustainability and equity and respect the context and history of the place. The 55th IMCL Conference featured a series of presentations on the Ottawa model of urbanism. Ottawa is working hard towards the 2018 opening of the city’s new Light Rail transit system, which represents the graduation of a 40-year Bus Rapid Transit culture to the next level of rapid transit. The conference set an exemplar how Ottawa achieves high transit ridership, exceeds its intensification targets, addresses contemporary issues of urban form and design, and uses regulatory land use tools to support its goals of 50% non-car mode share by 2031.